A Better Point Of View

Sometimes your best plans don’t quite work out!

You have to pick yourself up again each time you fall


Bob’s Story:

Bob an established CPA knew well the accounting of money. Bob could tell his clients with great accuracy where each their own pennies went. Bob’s own finances were always at best break even. Bob thought he was cursed. Every time some extra money would come into his family an extra expense would show up to claim it all. Conversely Bob was aware that expenses came along at times before the money to pay them did. The months and years rolled on. It wasn’t until Bob expected surplus did surplus become a reality for Bob. When Bob expanded past break even in his own thoughts his clients took notice and were exited to refer him to new clients. And so it goes.

Fear of Loss

Dealing with money matters never ends for a business owner. For some, the process is a continuous loop with what seems to be no real forward motion. Kevin is a client who saw his money running out every month. He would panic with fear of losing his credit, clients, and most of all his reputation. There was a gap between what Kevin had and what Kevin wanted. In our meetings, we focused on pushing the business forward in order to fill the gap. What you put your focus on expands. When we focus on wanting we get more wanting. When we focus on not having enough, we get more of not having enough. The more we focus on what we don’t want, the more of that we get. So instead we focused on what we already have in the business and a $50,000.00 opportunity presented itself. I Archana Patel can shift your business focus so as to expand what’s really needed to move the business into forward motion.


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